E-commerce Logistics System

Since entering the Chinese market in the 1990s through its main air express and domestic private express processing system business, PGSL has acquired FedEx Beijing Port, DHL Hong Kong Hub, TNT (East China, North China), SF (SF Express National Main Distribution Center), YUNDA (Yunda North China, East China, South China) and other domestic express companies, various distribution center projects have become the inevitable choice for the rapid development of many logistics express companies.

Cainiao Cixi Sorting Project

-120 meters long circular sortation system

-Capacity of 12,000 p/h -Including automatic feeding and DWS

2000 meters long conveying system

-Full cycle of feeding, packing, transferring and sorting are all included

-Narrow band sortation system

-Handling transferred goods that match complex data

Three Squirrels North China Warehouse

-Sliding shoe sortation system

-Speed of 1.2-2.0 m/sec

-Capacity of 6000 p/h

-Up to 35 kg every single item, sorting to both sides

Shopee Dongguan Combined Warehouse

The equipment has reliable safety protection measures, the layout of the field equipment is reasonable, and the cross beam connection between adjacent equipment is added to ensure the overall stability of the equipment. According to the characteristic of the product, the anti-pinch design is implemented.

E-commerce Logistics System

Pteris Global provides professional e-commerce logistics solutions, including receiving, storage, picking, sortation, delivery, and handling systems. The entire process can be automated to provide customers with efficient and reliable logistics solutions.

Item Singulator

Narrow Belt Sorter

Pneumatic Sorter

After-sales Service

The 24-hour after-sales service system and experienced engineers can help customers solve complex problems during the operation of the equipment