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We are committed to becoming the fastest system integrator for engineering delivery in the world’s leading logistics industry

Airport Logistics System

With more than 30 years of experience in aviation equipment manufacturing, the automatic baggage handling system is independently developed by combining the latest technologies globally.

Express Delivery System Integration

Through the actual situation of the express industry in terms of more stringent requirements for the inbound, unloading, receiving, scanning, X-ray machine security inspection, weighing, unpacking, sorting, packaging, and outbound fast loading of goods, PGSL.

E-commerce Logistics System

Since entering the Chinese market in the 1990s through its main air express and domestic private express processing system business, PGSL has acquired FedEx Beijing Port, DHL Hong Kong Hub, TNT (East China, North China), SF (SF Express National Main Distribution Center), YUNDA (Yunda North China, East China, South China).

Warehouse Automation System Solutions

With the rapid development of the enterprise, the variety of products, and the accelerated turnover of material storage, the logistics and storage space of the enterprise is beginning to be tight.

Digital Solutions

The manufacturing process is compressed and advanced, and can be evaluated and inspected, thereby shortening the time from product design to production, and improving product reliability and success rate.

Why Choose Us

Pteris Global is dedicated to becoming the fastest system integrator, providing innovative logistics solutions for engineering delivery.

1. Selected Supplier System

In the selection, evaluation, and management of suppliers to implement systematic management, key links set up a number of high-quality suppliers, supplemented by strict inspection procedures to ensure stable and reliable quality.

2. Software

It is a logistics management solution with independent intellectual property rights of CIMC DELi Logistics System (Suzhou) Co., LTD. It has many advantages such as intuitive and convenient system operation, parametric configuration support and multi-warehouse management.


Pteris Global (Suzhou) Limited is an integrated supplier providing comprehensive global solutions, providing customized system solutions for express delivery systems, warehousing automation systems, e-commerce logistics processing systems, and airport logistics processing systems professional company.


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Pteris Global is your trusted partner in empowering your business with cutting-edge logistics solutions and warehouse automation systems.


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