In the fast-paced realm of airport logistics, Pteris Global Integrated Solution takes center stage as a premier provider of cutting-edge tray systems. With an unwavering commitment to quality and certification standards, Pteris Global Integrated Solution is revolutionizing the industry by introducing state-of-the-art tray systems. This article will delve into the distinct advantages offered by CIMC Pteris Global Integrated Solution’s tray systems in airport logistics, showcasing their innovative solutions and highlighting our dedication to excellence.

The Advantages of CIMC Pteris’ Tray Systems in Airport Logistics


CIMC Pteris’ tray systems seamlessly integrate with automated baggage handling systems, enhancing the overall efficiency of airport logistics. These tray systems ensure a smooth flow of baggage throughout the entire process, from check-in to collection, transportation, identification, sortation, temporary storage, and reclaim. By optimizing the handling of baggage, airports can significantly improve operational efficiency and passenger experience.


The design and functionality of CIMC Pteris’ tray systems contribute to increased efficiency in airport logistics. These systems are meticulously engineered to handle various sizes and types of baggage, accommodating the diverse needs of travelers. With advanced tracking and sorting capabilities, CIMC Pteris’ tray systems enable quick and accurate baggage routing, minimizing the risk of mishandling and delays.


CIMC Pteris’ Commitment to Quality and Certification Standards in Airport Logistics


At CIMC Pteris, quality is of utmost importance. Their tray systems are manufactured using high-grade materials and adhere to rigorous quality control processes. The company holds EU steel structure building welding qualification certification, ensuring that their tray systems meet international standards for structural integrity and durability.


Furthermore, CIMC Pteris possesses the Special Equipment Manufacturing, Installation, Alteration & Maintenance License, demonstrating their expertise in delivering safe and reliable solutions.Our commitment to meeting industry-specific certifications, such as TUV certification, underscores our dedication to providing products that comply with stringent regulatory requirements.




CIMC Pteris’ tray systems are transforming airport logistics by streamlining baggage handling operations and enhancing overall efficiency. With seamless integration into automated baggage handling systems, these tray systems optimize the check-in, collection, transportation, identification, sortation, temporary storage, and reclaim processes. Our unwavering commitment to quality and adherence to certification standards further solidify their position as a trusted partner in the airport logistics industry. Embrace the future of airport logistics with CIMC Pteris’ innovative tray systems.