When it comes to airport logistics products, CIMC Pteris is at the forefront of providing advanced solutions that optimize airport operations. One of our flagship products is the Flip Sorter, a highly efficient system designed to streamline baggage handling and sorting processes.



Flip Sorter: Streamlining Baggage Handling and Sorting


The Flip Sorter utilizes a high-speed ring sorter with a flexible layout, allowing for seamless integration into existing baggage handling systems. Its application method ensures fast and accurate sorting of baggage, minimizing the chances of errors and delays. With CIMC Pteris’ Flip Sorter, airports and logistics centers can experience a significant improvement in their baggage handling efficiency.


The Flip Sorter offers several features and advantages that make it an invaluable asset in baggage sorting. It boasts a high sorting capacity, allowing for swift processing of large volumes of baggage. The flexible layout of the Flip Sorter enables easy customization to meet specific operational requirements, ensuring optimal performance in diverse airport settings.


This innovative solution finds application scenarios in airports and logistics centers worldwide. The Flip Sorter plays a crucial role in sorting baggage for departing flights, ensuring that each bag ends up in the correct location. Additionally, it facilitates the sorting and distribution of arriving baggage, enabling efficient retrieval and delivery to passengers. With CIMC Pteris’ Flip Sorter, airports can enhance their baggage handling operations and provide a seamless travel experience for passengers.


Luggage Turntable: Efficient Temporary Storage and Claim


At CIMC Pteris, we understand the importance of efficient temporary storage and claim systems in airport logistics. That’s why we offer the Luggage Turntable, a specialized solution for the temporary storage and claim of arriving or departing luggage.


The application method of the Luggage Turntable allows for convenient and organized storage of luggage. It ensures that baggage is temporarily held in a designated area, minimizing congestion and facilitating easy access for passengers and airport staff. The Luggage Turntable’s efficient claim mechanism ensures that passengers can retrieve their luggage quickly and effortlessly.


The integration of the Luggage Turntable with CIMC Pteris’ comprehensive airport logistics solutions further enhances its functionality. By seamlessly integrating with other systems, such as baggage handling conveyors and sorting systems, the Luggage Turntable becomes an integral part of a highly efficient and synchronized airport logistics network.


ETV: Optimizing Vertical Lift in Air Cargo Handling


Air cargo handling requires efficient vertical lift operations, and CIMC Pteris’ Efficient Vertical Lift (ETV) solution is made to maximize this vital component. To increase production and efficiency, our ETV makes use of cutting-edge technologies such a twin motor lift system and four-wheel drive technology.


Using four-wheel drive technology, the ETV’s application approach makes sure that freight moves smoothly and precisely. The ETV can function flawlessly in a variety of airport settings, even under difficult circumstances, thanks to this cutting-edge technology. The two motor lift technology of the ETV maximizes production by reducing handling times and providing dependable and effective vertical lifting.




In conclusion, CIMC Pteris’ advanced airport logistics solutions, including the Flip Sorter, Luggage Turntable, and ETV, revolutionize airport operations and enhance efficiency. Our company’s commitment to innovation and excellence allows us to provide cutting-edge airport logistics products and services that optimize baggage handling, temporary storage and claim, and vertical lift operations. With CIMC Pteris’ airport logistics products, airports and logistics centers can streamline their operations, improve productivity, and deliver a seamless experience to passengers and clients. Trust CIMC Pteris for all your airport logistics needs and witness the transformation in your operations.