CIMC Pteris‘s mission is to revolutionize the world of logistics. We are more than just a logistics solutions provider; we are your strategic partner in the ever-evolving field of logistics. Today, let’s explore the groundbreaking world of sortation conveyor systems and dive deeper into our expertise in customized warehousing automation.

About CIMC Pteris

At CIMC Pteris, we are a global integrated supplier known for delivering comprehensive solutions. Our commitment is to empower businesses in the logistics industry by leveraging cutting-edge technology and tailor-made automation solutions. We’re not just a service provider; we’re your partner in redefining the future of logistics.


Sortation conveyor systems: The Efficiency Boost You Need

Sortation conveyor systems are the unsung heroes of the logistics industry, enhancing the efficiency and precision of your sorting processes. These advanced systems can significantly reduce errors, streamline operations, and, most importantly, improve customer satisfaction.


Express Logistics: Precision and Timeliness

In the realm of express logistics, timeliness and precision are of paramount importance. Our sortation conveyor systems are designed to sort parcels with remarkable speed and accuracy. This ensures that your customers receive their packages promptly, leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty.


Customized Warehousing Automation: Tailored to Perfection

Warehousing is the heart of logistics, and our expertise in customized automation solutions is second to none. Whether you need automated storage and retrieval systems, conveyor systems, or other automation tools, we tailor our solutions to meet your unique requirements.


Delving Deeper into Customized Warehousing Automation

Customized warehousing automation is the cornerstone of efficient storage and order fulfillment processes. Here’s a closer look at the various aspects we cover:


Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS/RS)

Our AS/RS solutions optimize storage space, reduce labor costs, and maximize efficiency. These systems are ideal for businesses with high-density storage needs and frequent inventory turnover.


Conveyor Systems

Our conveyor systems are designed to transport goods seamlessly within your warehouse. They can be customized to fit various layouts and handle different types of products, ensuring a smooth flow of items from one point to another.


Picking and Packing Automation

We offer solutions that streamline the picking and packing processes, reducing manual labor and minimizing errors. This automation results in faster order fulfillment and enhanced accuracy.


Inventory Management Systems

Our customized inventory management systems help you keep track of your stock in real-time, ensuring that you always have the right products available to meet customer demands.


Choosing CIMC Pteris as your logistics solutions partner means choosing a team dedicated to innovation, excellence, and reliability. Our sortation conveyor systems and customized warehousing automation solutions are tailored to meet the evolving needs of your business while exceeding your customers’ expectations. We hold prestigious certifications and licenses, assuring you of our commitment to quality and safety.



In conclusion, we, at CIMC Pteris, are here to lead the way in the logistics world with our state-of-the-art sortation conveyor systems and customized warehousing automation. Whether you’re involved in express logistics or need to optimize your warehousing operations, our solutions are customized to meet your unique requirements. Experience the future of logistics with us, where innovation knows no bounds, and efficiency becomes the norm. Contact us today to explore how our sortation conveyor systems and automation solutions can transform your operations and set you on the path to logistics excellence. We are excited to be your partner on this transformative journey.