In today’s fast-paced business environment, optimizing warehouse operations is crucial for maintaining a competitive edge. CIMC Pteris offers state-of-the-art automated picking systems that can change the way your warehouse operates, providing numerous advantages for your business.

The Advantages of CIMC Pteris Automated Picking Systems


Improved Efficiency: CIMC Pteris automated picking systems are designed to optimize space utilization and improve supply chain efficiency. By utilizing advanced technologies such as robotics and artificial intelligence, these systems can streamline order fulfillment processes, reducing labor-intensive tasks and minimizing errors in picking and packing. This automation not only speeds up operations but also enhances accuracy, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and increased productivity.


Goods-to-Person: CIMC Pteris offers a cutting-edge goods-to-person picking system that eliminates the need for manual searching and retrieving of items. With this system, products are automatically brought to the operator, eliminating unnecessary movement within the warehouse. This innovative approach significantly reduces picking time, allowing for faster order processing and higher throughput rates. By minimizing walking and searching time, the goods-to-person system optimizes workflow, ultimately improving operational efficiency.


Overcoming the Challenges in Warehouse Automation


While implementing warehouse automation can bring significant benefits, it also comes with its own set of challenges. CIMC Pteris understands these challenges and offers solutions to overcome them effectively.


Advanced Warehousing Solutions: CIMC Pteris provides a comprehensive range of advanced warehousing solutions to support seamless automation. Our pallet-type three-dimensional storage systems, material box-type three-dimensional storage systems, and pallet-free three-dimensional storage systems work together harmoniously to maximize storage capacity, reduce manual handling, and enhance operational efficiency. These systems utilize innovative technology to optimize space utilization, ensuring that every inch of your warehouse is utilized effectively.


Customizable WMS: CIMC Pteris’s Warehouse Management System (WMS) is a powerful tool that enables efficient management of multiple warehouses and locations. With customizable features, it allows you to tailor the system to your specific needs and integrate it seamlessly into your existing operations. The WMS provides real-time visibility of inventory, automates order processing, and enables intelligent decision-making based on accurate data analysis. By optimizing inventory management and reducing stockouts, CIMC Pteris’s WMS ensures smooth operations and enhances customer satisfaction.




In summary,our automated picking systems offer a transformative solution for warehouses seeking to optimize their operations. With improved efficiency through space utilization optimization and goods-to-person picking, these systems can revolutionize the way your warehouse operates. Overcoming the challenges of warehouse automation, CIMC Pteris’s advanced warehousing solutions and customizable WMS provide a comprehensive approach to achieving seamless automation and maximizing operational efficiency. Embrace the future of warehousing with CIMC Pteris and experience the benefits of automated picking systems firsthand.