At CIMC Pteris, we recognize the crucial role of high-speed steering wheel sorters in revolutionizing efficiency and accuracy within the logistics and warehousing sector. Our company offers advanced sorting solutions that cater to the specific needs of this industry. Let’s delve into the introduction, key features, and benefits of our high-speed steerable wheel sorters, and explore how they meet the demands of logistics and warehousing operations.



The High-Speed Steerable Wheel Sorter and Its Application Method


The high-speed steerable wheel sorter developed by CIMC Pteris is a state-of-the-art technology designed to optimize sorting processes. It utilizes an innovative application method that sets it apart from conventional sorting systems. By combining an electric drum for conveying power and a servo motor for steering power, our sorter achieves precise left and right sorting of packages. With a steering angle ranging from 0 to 60 degrees, our system ensures accurate and efficient sorting.


Key Features and Benefits of Using High-Speed Steerable Wheel Sorters


Our high-speed steering wheel sorters boast a range of features that deliver significant benefits to logistics and warehousing operations:


  1. High-Speed Operation and Fast Processing: With sorting speeds ranging from 30 to 132 meters per minute, our sorters dramatically improve sorting speed and overall operational efficiency. This high-speed operation enables the processing of up to 4,000 packages per hour, enhancing productivity and meeting demanding industry requirements.


  1. High Accuracy and Wide Range of Applications: CIMC Pteris’ high-speed steerable wheel sorters offer exceptional accuracy in sorting items of various shapes and sizes. From small parcels to larger packages, our sorters ensure precise sorting, minimizing errors and improving customer satisfaction. The versatility of our sorters allows them to be applied across diverse industries, including e-commerce, express delivery, and more.


  1. Autonomous Directional Control: Our high-speed steerable wheel sorters feature autonomous directional control, enhancing flexibility and effectiveness in handling items. The system intelligently determines the optimal direction for each package, ensuring smooth and efficient sorting operations.


Meeting the Demands of the Logistics and Warehousing Sector with High-Speed Sorting Solutions


The logistics and warehousing sector demands efficient and accurate sorting processes to meet customer expectations and stay ahead in a competitive market. CIMC Pteris’ high-speed steerable wheel sorters are specifically engineered to address these demands. By deploying our sorting solutions, logistics companies can streamline their operations, reduce processing time, and enhance overall efficiency. These sorters are instrumental in improving the speed and accuracy of item classification and sorting, leading to increased customer satisfaction and operational success.


Success Stories: Implementing High-Speed Steerable Wheel Sorters in the Industry


Our high-speed steerable wheel sorters have been successfully implemented in various projects, delivering remarkable results. Here are a few notable success stories:


  1. Express Delivery System Integration: CIMC Pteris solutions have transformed and upgraded express delivery operations for leading companies in the industry. By implementing our high-speed steerable wheel sorters, these companies have experienced significant improvements in inbound and outbound processes, sorting efficiency, and overall productivity.


  1. Cainiao Cixi Sorting Project: Our involvement in this large-scale conveying system implementation project showcased the scalability and reliability of our high-speed steering wheel sorters. With a system spanning 2,000 meters, our sorters achieved a speed of 2.2 meters per second, processing an impressive 10,560 packages per hour.


  1. Shopee Dongguan Combined Warehouse: Safety and stability are critical in warehouse operations. CIMC Pteris’ high-speed steerable wheel sorters played a vital role in ensuring the overall stability of equipment. The implementation of anti-pinch designs and enhanced safety measures resulted in efficient sorting and improved operations within the warehouse.




In conclusion, CIMC Pteris’ high-speed steerable wheel sorters provide a game-changing solution for enhancing efficiency and accuracy in logistics and warehousing. With their advanced features, including high-speed operation, high accuracy, and autonomous directional control, these sorters deliver substantial benefits to the industry. Our success stories demonstrate the reliability and effectiveness of our sorting solutions. Partner with CIMC Pteris and experience the transformative power of high-speed steerable wheel sorters in your logistics operations.