Pteris Global, a leading supplier of airport baggage handling systems, has recently introduced their latest innovation in sorting technology: the high-speed steerable wheel sorter. This cutting-edge equipment promises to revolutionize the way airports sort and transport luggage, providing faster and more efficient handling while improving the passenger experience. In this article, we will explore the features and benefits of Pteris Global’s high-speed steerable wheel sorter and the impact it can have on airport operations.

Efficient sorting for improved operations

One of the primary challenges faced by airports is the need to handle large volumes of luggage quickly and efficiently to ensure the timely departure and arrival of flights. Pteris Global’s high-speed steerable wheel sorter addresses this challenge with its advanced sorting capabilities. The sorter uses a system of trays and rollers that transport bags at high speeds, allowing for quick and accurate sorting according to flight destination. This reduces the risk of errors and delays in baggage delivery and improves overall airport operations.

Improved passenger experience

With the high-speed steerable wheel sorter, airports can significantly reduce the amount of time passengers spend waiting for luggage. The sorter’s fast and accurate sorting ensures that bags are delivered to the correct destination quickly, reducing the time passengers spend at baggage claim. This results in a more positive experience for passengers and can help improve overall customer satisfaction.

Flexible Design for Easy Integration

Pteris Global’s high-speed steerable wheel sorter is designed to be flexible and easy to integrate into existing baggage handling systems. The sorter can be configured to fit any airport layout and can handle a wide range of bag sizes and shapes. With its modular design, the sorter can also be easily expanded or adapted to meet changing operational needs.

Reliable and durable equipment

Airport operations require equipment that can withstand heavy use and harsh conditions. Pteris Global’s high-speed steerable wheel sorter is built to withstand the demands of airport operations, with a robust design that ensures reliable and efficient operation over long periods. The equipment’s durable construction also reduces maintenance needs, ensuring maximum uptime and minimal disruption to airport operations.


Pteris Global’s high-speed steerable wheel sorter represents a significant breakthrough in airport baggage handling technology. Its advanced sorting capabilities, flexible design, and rugged construction make it an ideal solution for improving airport operations while providing a better experience for passengers. With its proven reliability and efficiency, the high-speed steerable wheel sorter is set to become the new standard in airport baggage handling systems.