Airports serve as critical transportation hubs that link people and products across the world. The seamless operation of an airport depends on a complex network of logistics systems, which include personnel, technology, and equipment. Airports have to manage a wide range of activities, including aircraft loading and unloading, passenger check-in, maintenance, cargo processing, and baggage handling. To ensure that these activities run efficiently, it is essential to have effective airport logistics in place.

Overview of Airport Logistics


Airport logistics refers to the process of planning, implementing, and monitoring the flow of information, goods, and services within an airport environment. It involves the use of personnel, facilities, and technology to ensure that all operations are executed effectively and efficiently. There are different systems involved in airport logistics, including air cargo station processing systems, luggage-handling systems, security systems, and ground support equipment.


Details about Pteris Global and its Solutions


Pteris Global is a leading integrated solution provider globally for airport logistics. The company offers comprehensive solutions for air cargo station processing systems, luggage-handling systems, and other logistics systems such as automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS) and passenger boarding bridges (PBB). Pteris Global has been in the industry for a long time and has built a strong reputation for providing innovative and reliable solutions to airports worldwide.We offer the following two systems as airport logistics solutions.

Air Cargo Station Processing System:The air cargo station processing system is a critical component of airport logistics responsible for the efficient handling of air cargo from the point of arrival to the point of departure. Pteris Global provides a wide range of solutions for air cargo processing, including cargo handling systems, storage systems, and transportation systems. These systems are designed to handle various types of cargo, including dangerous goods, oversized cargo, and perishable goods.

Luggage Handling System:The luggage handling system is another vital element of airport logistics that ensures the efficient processing of passenger baggage from check-in to arrival. Pteris Global offers an array of luggage handling solutions, including baggage conveyor systems, baggage screening systems, and baggage sorting systems. These systems can handle high volumes of baggage quickly and efficiently while ensuring maximum safety and security.




Effective airport logistics are the key to enhancing efficiency and safety in airport operations. By implementing the right systems, airports can process passengers and cargo quickly, efficiently, and with minimal error rates while complying with safety and security standards. Pteris Global is a trusted partner for airports that aim to improve their logistics systems. The company’s comprehensive solutions for air cargo station processing systems, luggage-handling systems, ASRS, and PBBs demonstrate its dedication to providing innovative and reliable solutions to airports worldwide.