Pteris Global, a subsidiary of China International Marine Containers (Group) Co., Ltd. (CIMC), is a leading global integrated solution provider in the logistics industry. Founded in 1979, Pteris Global has been committed to promoting technological innovation in airport logistics and digital factories to improve overall efficiency and sustainability.

Pteris Global’s Commitment to Innovation and Development


Since its establishment, Pteris Global has been dedicated to innovation and development in the logistics industry. The company actively promotes technological advancements in airport logistics and digital factories, providing customized system solutions for e-commerce logistics, express logistics, customized warehouse automation, and airport logistics.


CIMC and Pteris Global: A Winning Combination


As a wholly-owned subsidiary of CIMC, Pteris Global has access to cutting-edge technology and expertise in logistics equipment and energy equipment. This enables the company to provide clients with world-class logistics solutions while maintaining a focus on sustainability and efficiency.


Pteris Global: Engineering the Fastest Delivery System Integrators


Pteris Global, specializes in creating customized logistics solutions that meet the specific needs of each client. With a focus on efficiency and cost reduction, the company aims to become the fastest delivery system integrator in the engineering sector.


Achieving Win-Win Solutions with Customers


Our approach is centered around the idea of achieving win-win solutions with our clients. By prioritizing efficiency and quality, we help clients reduce operating costs while improving overall productivity. This approach has established Pteris Global as a trusted partner in the logistics industry.


Cost Factors and Time: Meeting Customer Demands


Pteris Global understands the importance of meeting customer demands. By taking into account cost factors and time constraints, the company creates customized solutions tailored to each client’s needs. This approach has helped Pteris Global establish a reputation for delivering world-class logistics solutions on time and within budget.


In conclusion, Pteris Global is revolutionizing the logistics industry with innovative and sustainable solutions. By combining cutting-edge technology with a focus on efficiency and customer satisfaction, Pteris Global is establishing itself as a leader in the logistics sector.