As the logistics industry continues to evolve, companies are constantly looking for ways to increase efficiency and reduce costs. One method that has gained popularity in recent years is the use of a sliding shoe sorter. This technology can help companies streamline their operations, improve accuracy, and reduce labor costs.

Benefits of Sliding Shoe Sorter


1. Increased Efficiency


A sliding shoe sorter uses a series of small shoes that move products along a conveyor belt. These shoes gently guide the products into the appropriate chute or bin. Since the shoes operate independently, this system can sort items at high speeds without causing damage to the products. This increased speed and accuracy can help companies process more orders in less time.


2. Improved Accuracy


When sorting items manually, there is always a risk of human error. A sliding shoe sorter eliminates this risk by using sensors to accurately identify each item and direct it to the correct location. This reduces the likelihood of misrouted packages and improves overall order accuracy.


3. Reduced Labor Costs


Sorting items by hand can be a time-consuming and labor-intensive process. By implementing a sliding shoe sorter, companies can significantly reduce their labor costs. With fewer workers required to sort packages, businesses can allocate resources toward other areas of their operation.


Why Choose Pteris Global?


Pteris Global is a leading provider of comprehensive solutions for the logistics industry. With over 40 years of experience, the company has a proven track record of developing innovative technologies that help customers improve their operations.


Pteris Global offers a range of integrated solutions that can help businesses optimize their logistics processes. The company’s sliding shoe sorter is just one example of the advanced technologies that Pteris Global provides. Additionally, Pteris Global offers warehouse automation systems, airport logistics solutions, and digital factory technologies.




In conclusion, a sliding shoe sorter can provide significant benefits to businesses in the logistics industry. These systems offer increased efficiency, improved accuracy, and reduced labor costs. Pteris Global is a trusted provider of integrated solutions for the logistics industry, offering advanced technologies that help customers optimize their processes and improve sustainability. If you’re looking to streamline your logistics operations, consider Pteris Global and its innovative sliding shoe sorter technology.