The logistics industry has undergone significant changes over the years, with technological advancements driving innovation in material handling and supply chain management. One of the latest innovations in this field is the steerable wheel sorter – an advanced solution that offers high-speed and accurate sorting capabilities for various products. Pteris Global, a leading integrated supplier of comprehensive solutions for the logistics industry, provides some of the best steerable wheel sorters designed to meet specific customer needs.

Overview of Steerable Wheel Sorter

A steerable wheel sorter is a conveyor-based sorting system that utilizes small wheels to guide and transport items to their designated locations. The wheels can pivot in different directions, allowing them to redirect products onto the correct path or lane. The system can handle different types of products, including parcels, boxes, and bags, and sort them based on predefined criteria such as size, weight, destination, or barcode.

Benefits of Steerable Wheel Sorter

Steerable wheel sorters offer several advantages over traditional sorting methods, including:

High Speed: Steerable wheel sorters can sort up a huge amount of items per hour, making them ideal for high-volume operations. This speed ensures the timely delivery of goods and reduces waiting times for customers.

Accuracy: The precise and flexible nature of the wheels allows for accurate and reliable sorting, minimizing errors and reducing manual labor. This accuracy results in fewer mistakes, improving customer satisfaction.

Customization: The system can be easily configured to meet specific requirements, allowing for greater flexibility and adaptability. This flexibility ensures that the system can accommodate the unique characteristics of each product, increasing efficiency and productivity.

Space Efficiency: The compact design of the system enables it to fit into tight spaces, maximizing floor space utilization. This space-saving feature is particularly useful in warehouses where space is at a premium.

Pteris Global – A Leading Supplier

Pteris Global has been providing comprehensive solutions for the logistics industry for over 40 years. Their expertise in the field has made them a trusted provider of high-quality systems that meet customer needs. The company’s steerable wheel sorters are designed to provide optimal performance and reliability, with advanced control technology and easy maintenance. Customers can rely on Pteris Global to deliver a system that is tailored to their unique requirements, ensuring maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


In conclusion, steerable wheel sorters have revolutionized the way products are sorted in the logistics industry, providing an efficient and reliable solution that enhances the overall performance of supply chain operations. Pteris Global’s steerable wheel sorters are among the best in the market, providing excellent speed, accuracy, customization, and space efficiency. Businesses that embrace this technology can improve their competitiveness, enhance customer satisfaction, and maximize productivity. As an integrated supplier, Pteris Global provides comprehensive solutions that include not only sorter systems but also other logistics equipment such as automated storage and retrieval systems, conveyor systems, and more. Companies can count on Pteris Global to be a reliable partner in optimizing their logistics operations.