When it comes to integrated logistics baggage delivery, CIMC Pteris is the name you can trust. Our company specializes in providing advanced baggage handling solutions that streamline operations and maximize efficiency. With our cutting-edge technologies and innovative products, we revolutionize the way baggage is stored, sorted, and transported. Let’s explore our top solutions: the Luggage Turntable, Flip Sorter, and ETV, and how they optimize various aspects of baggage handling.



Luggage Turntable: Streamlining Baggage Storage and Retrieval


The CIMC Pteris Luggage Turntable is designed to simplify the temporary storage and claim of arriving or departing luggage. Its application method involves a rotating platform that allows baggage to be placed and accessed easily. The Luggage Turntable offers several features and benefits that make it an essential component of efficient baggage handling systems.


Firstly, the Luggage Turntable optimizes space utilization by providing a compact yet effective storage solution. It enables airports and logistics centers to store a large volume of baggage in a small footprint, maximizing storage capacity. Additionally, the turntable’s efficient rotation system allows for quick and easy access to stored luggage, reducing retrieval times and enhancing operational efficiency.


Integration of the Luggage Turntable with CIMC Pteris’ comprehensive solutions further enhances its capabilities. By seamlessly integrating the Luggage Turntable with other components such as conveyor systems and sorting solutions, our company ensures a seamless flow of baggage throughout the entire logistics process. This integration results in a cohesive and efficient baggage handling system, minimizing errors and improving customer satisfaction.


Flip Sorter: Efficient Sorting System for Express Delivery Logistics


CIMC Pteris’ Flip Sorter is a state-of-the-art solution designed to revolutionize the sorting process in express integrated logistics baggage delivery logistics. Its application method involves a flexible layout and energy-efficient sorting technology that automates the sorting process with precision and speed. The Flip Sorter offers a range of key features and advantages that set it apart in the industry.


One of the standout features of the Flip Sorter is its flexible layout, which can be customized to meet specific operational requirements. This adaptability allows for seamless integration into existing infrastructure, ensuring a smooth transition to automated sorting. Additionally, the Flip Sorter’s energy-efficient sorting technology minimizes power consumption while maintaining high sorting accuracy, reducing operational costs and environmental impact.


The advantages of the Flip Sorter extend beyond its features. Numerous successful case studies demonstrate its effectiveness in action. By implementing the Flip Sorter, companies have experienced significant improvements in sorting speed, accuracy, and overall operational efficiency. The Flip Sorter’s ability to handle a wide range of package sizes and shapes makes it an ideal choice for express integrated logistics baggage delivery logistics providers looking to optimize their operations.




In the world of integrated logistics baggage delivery, CIMC Pteris stands out with its advanced baggage handling solutions. From the Luggage Turntable to the Flip Sorter, our company offers cutting-edge technologies that streamline operations, maximize efficiency, and optimize various aspects of baggage handling. By incorporating our solutions into their operations, airports, logistics centers, and express delivery providers can experience the power of CIMC Pteris’ advanced baggage handling solutions. Trust us for your baggage handling needs and witness the transformation in your operations.