Are you looking for a reliable and efficient solution for cargo handling? Look no further than CIMC Pteris ETV system. With advanced features designed for optimal performance, this system is the ultimate choice for warehouses seeking superior quality and innovation. Trust CIMC Pteris to deliver top-notch material handling solutions and experience seamless ETV system cargo handling like never before!

CIMC Pteris Product Certifications for Superior Quality


CIMC Pteris is a renowned provider of advanced material handling solutions, and our ETV system is no exception. We take pride in delivering products of superior quality, backed by certifications that guarantee reliability and durability. Our ETV system has received the EU steel structure building welding qualification certification, ensuring that it meets stringent standards for structural integrity. This certification gives our customers peace of mind, knowing that they are investing in a reliable and long-lasting product.


In addition to the steel structure certification, CIMC Pteris holds a special equipment manufacturing, installation, alteration & maintenance license. This license signifies our commitment to proper handling, installation, and maintenance of our products. It ensures that our ETV system is assembled and installed correctly, minimizing any potential risks or complications. With this license, we prioritize safety and compliance, providing our customers with a high level of confidence in the performance of our ETV system.


Furthermore, our ETV system has obtained TUV certification, which validates its adherence to international safety standards. TUV certification is recognized worldwide as a mark of quality and compliance. It assures our customers that our ETV system has undergone rigorous testing and meets the highest safety standards. With this certification, CIMC Pteris demonstrates its dedication to delivering safe and reliable solutions for cargo handling.


Innovative Design of CIMC Pteris ETV System for Optimal Cargo Handling


The CIMC Pteris ETV system is designed with innovation and efficiency in mind. Its cutting-edge features ensure optimal cargo handling within warehouses. The running mechanism of our ETV system incorporates four-wheel drive technology, enabling smooth and efficient cargo transport. It allows the system to navigate through tight spaces, maneuvering easily while transporting cargo without any hindrances. This advanced technology optimizes productivity and reduces the time required for cargo handling tasks.


The vertical lift of our ETV system utilizes dual motor drive technology, with two powerful 55kW motors. This configuration enhances the overall performance and flexibility of the system. It enables the ETV system to handle heavier loads effortlessly, accommodating the diverse needs of warehouses. The dual motor drive technology ensures smooth and precise vertical movements, maintaining stability throughout the transport process.




In short, CIMC Pteris offers the ultimate solution for cargo handling with its advanced ETV system. With certifications that ensure superior quality and a design focused on innovation and efficiency, our ETV system is a reliable choice for warehouses seeking optimal performance. Trust CIMC Pteris to deliver top-notch material handling solutions that meet your specific needs. Invest in our ETV system and experience seamless cargo handling like never before.