CIMC Pteris is a trusted automated storage system provider, revolutionizing warehousing efficiency. With innovative application methods and a focus on quality and compliance, we optimize space utilization and deliver certified solutions. Streamline your warehouse operations with CIMC Pteris as your automated storage system provider.

Optimizing Space Utilization with Innovative Application Methods


At CIMC Pteris, we understand the importance of maximizing space utilization in warehouses. Our automated storage systems employ advanced application methods that revolutionize the way goods are stored and retrieved. By utilizing vertical and horizontal orbits on the cross-track, our systems can efficiently reach any specified cargo position within the warehouse.


This innovative approach ensures an optimal space usage ratio, enabling businesses to make the most efficient use of their available storage capacity. With CIMC Pteris’ automated storage systems, warehouses can reduce wasted space and organize their inventory more effectively. This not only improves operational efficiency but also enables businesses to accommodate a larger volume of goods within their existing infrastructure.


Ensuring Quality and Compliance through System Certification


At CIMC Pteris, we prioritize quality and compliance in all aspects of our operations. We are proud to hold the ISO3834-2 certification for welding quality assurance. This certification guarantees that our automated storage systems meet the highest standards of quality and reliability. By adhering to strict welding standards, we ensure that our systems are robust and durable, providing long-lasting solutions for our clients.


In addition to welding quality assurance, CIMC Pteris has obtained various system certifications that underscore our commitment to excellence. These certifications include the Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification, Environmental Management System Certification (ISO14001), and ISO9001 certification. Each certification represents our dedication to safety, environmental responsibility, and overall quality management.


By partnering with CIMC Pteris as your automated storage system provider, businesses can have confidence in the quality and compliance of our solutions. Our certified systems not only optimize warehouse efficiency but also contribute to a safe and sustainable working environment. With CIMC Pteris, you can streamline your warehousing operations and ensure that your storage systems meet the highest industry standards.




In short, CIMC Pteris is revolutionizing warehousing efficiency as a leading automated storage system provider. Through innovative application methods and a strong focus on quality and compliance, we help businesses optimize their space utilization and achieve operational excellence. With our certified solutions, you can trust that your warehouse will operate efficiently and effectively. Partner with CIMC Pteris and experience the future of automated storage systems today.