CIMC Pteris Automated Warehouse Management System optimizes warehouse efficiency with its innovative technology. Featuring the Mother-to-Child Shuttle Car System, this solution streamlines operations, maximizes storage space, and enhances productivity. Choose CIMC Pteris for your automated warehouse management system needs.

Introducing the Mother-to-Child Shuttle Car System


The CIMC Pteris Automated Warehouse Management System revolutionizes warehouse operations with our innovative Mother-to-Child Shuttle Car System. This cutting-edge solution optimizes efficiency, improves productivity, and streamlines operations in modern warehouses.


Components of the System: The CIMC Pteris Automated Warehouse Management System consists of several key components that work seamlessly together to create a highly efficient and integrated system. These components include the subcar, mother-to-child car, hoist, conveyor or AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle), dense storage shelf, and WMS (Warehouse Management System) and WCS (Warehouse Control System).


Flexibility and Expandability: One of the standout features of the CIMC Pteris system is its flexibility and expandability. With changing business needs and evolving warehouse requirements, this system easily adapts to accommodate various operational scenarios. Whether you need to increase storage capacity, handle diverse product sizes, or scale up operations, the CIMC Pteris system offers unmatched flexibility and adaptability.


Optimizing Warehouse Operations


High Storage Space Utilization: The CIMC Pteris Automated Warehouse Management System ensures maximal utilization of available storage space, with utilization rates of up to 95%. By utilizing the dense storage shelf and intelligently organizing inventory, this system minimizes wasted space, allowing businesses to store more products within the same footprint.


24-Hour Automation and Digital Management: With the CIMC Pteris system, warehouses can operate round-the-clock with 24-hour automation. Through the integration of advanced technologies and comprehensive digital management features, this system eliminates the constraints of traditional warehouse operations. Automated processes, such as inventory tracking, order fulfillment, and goods retrieval, ensure smooth and efficient operations at all times.


CIMC Pteris: Your Trusted Partner in Warehouse Automation


CIMC Pteris is a leading global provider of automated warehouse management systems, renowned for our cutting-edge technology and exceptional solutions. With a strong focus on innovation, CIMC Pteris has revolutionized the way warehouses operate, enabling businesses to achieve higher efficiency, increased productivity, and improved customer satisfaction.


By leveraging the CIMC Pteris Automated Warehouse Management System, businesses can unlock the full potential of their warehouse operations. The system’s advanced features, including the Mother-to-Child Shuttle Car System, flexible configuration options, and high storage space utilization, empower businesses to optimize their processes and stay ahead in today’s competitive market.




In summary, the CIMC Pteris Automated Warehouse Management System offers a comprehensive solution for enhancing warehouse efficiency. With the state-of-the-art technology, flexible configuration, and intelligent automation, our system enables businesses to streamline operations, increase storage capacity, and improve overall productivity. Embrace the power of CIMC Pteris to transform your warehouse into an efficient and agile operation.