When it comes to optimizing e-commerce logistics, cross belt sorters play a crucial role in streamlining operations. CIMC Pteris‘ cross belt sorters provide a reliable and efficient solution for sorting various items based on their destination. Understanding how these sorters function and their key features and benefits is essential for e-commerce businesses looking to enhance their logistics efficiency.



The Role of Cross Belt Sorters in E-commerce Logistics


Cross belt sorters operate by using a series of shoes that slide diagonally across the sorter, diverting items into predetermined chutes. This mechanism allows for high-speed sorting of items, ensuring quick and accurate order fulfillment. The items are directed to the appropriate chute based on their destination, optimizing the sorting process and reducing the risk of misplacement or errors.


Introducing the Cross-Belt Sorter: Revolutionizing Sorting Systems


Our Cross-Belt Sorter is a cutting-edge solution designed to transform sorting systems and streamline logistics operations. With its advanced application method, this sorter offers unparalleled efficiency and accuracy. The process begins at the infeed station, where goods are automatically guided to the carrier. The driving mechanism propels multiple carriers connected in series on a closed loop, ensuring smooth movement along the designated path. As the carriers advance, the scanning mechanism scans each item to determine its final destination. Once the destination is reached, the belt conveyor on the carrier seamlessly unloads the goods to the corresponding chute. This innovative sorting system is ideal for express delivery logistics solutions, revolutionizing the way goods are sorted and distributed.


Enhancing Efficiency with the Cross-Belt Sorter: Specifications and Solutions


Our Cross-Belt Sorter is equipped with specifications that optimize efficiency and accommodate a wide range of items. The carrier size ranges from a minimum of 630x330mm to a maximum of 1500x550mm, providing versatility in handling various goods. Items can have dimensions as small as 100x50x2mm or as large as 150x80x800mm, accommodating a diverse range of product sizes. The sorter is capable of handling items with weights ranging from a minimum of 20g to a maximum of 80kg. With an impressive sorting speed of up to 24000 items per hour and the ability to tilt at angles up to 15 degrees, the Cross-Belt Sorter ensures swift and accurate sorting operations. Experience the efficiency and reliability of this advanced sorting system as it reaches sorter speeds of up to 3m/sec, revolutionizing your logistics operations and delivering exceptional results.




In conclusion, CIMC Pteris’ cross belt sorters are a game-changer for e-commerce businesses seeking to enhance their logistics efficiency. With their advanced technology, adaptability to various item types, and energy efficiency, our cross belt sorters provide a reliable and cost-effective solution. Whether it’s optimizing logistics warehousing, streamlining e-commerce distribution processes, or improving baggage sorting at airports, our cross belt sorters offer unparalleled benefits. Invest in CIMC Pteris’ cross belt sorters and take your e-commerce logistics to new heights of efficiency and success.