Express Delivery System Integration

Through the actual situation of the express industry in terms of more stringent requirements for the inbound, unloading, receiving, scanning, X-ray machine security inspection, weighing, unpacking, sorting, packaging, and outbound fast loading of goods, PGSL, With the experience over 150 airport baggage conveying system projects and air cargo terminal projects around the world, has carried out in-depth cooperation with well-known international and domestic express companies. At the same time, according to the actual situation of technology, labor force and national policies in the domestic express delivery industry, it provides automatic and semi-automatic express delivery solutions of different standards for the express delivery industry, and accelerates the transformation and upgrading of customers in the express delivery industry.

Wuhan JD

Project Overview:

Length of conveying line:6.65KM

Number of automatic lines: 22 lines

Steel frame structure:14,000 sqm

Commencement date:2021.09.25

Delivery date:2022.3.1

Capacity:medium items:55,000p/h;

Small items:40,000p/h

SF Chongqing

Project overview:

Length of conveying line :10.73 KM

Number of automatic lines : 29

Steel frame structure :25,500 sqm

Commencement date :2021.6.1

Delivery date :2021.11.20

Capacity: medium items :50,000 p/h;small items:100,000 p/h

Chongqing Debang

Project overview:

Length of conveying line:4.39 KM

Number of automatic lines: 19

Steel frame structure:14,800 sqm

Commencement date:2021.10.24

Delivery date:2022.3.3

Core equipment:

Item singulation: 10 sets

DWS:19 sets

Steerable wheel sorter:91 units


Medium items:36,000 p/h

Small items:10,000 p/h

Express Delivery System Integration

Pteris Global offers comprehensive express logistics solutions covering loading and unloading systems, conveying systems, single-room separation systems, security check systems, weighing identification systems, and sorting systems. Our advanced cross-belt sorters and belt-driven conveyors ensure efficient and accurate cargo distribution. As a specialized provider of express logistics solutions, our express logistics systems are designed to optimize the entire logistics process.

Cross Belt Sorter

High Speed Steerable Wheel Sorter

Sliding Shoe Sorter

After-sales Service

The 24-hour after-sales service system and experienced engineers can help customers solve complex problems during the operation of the equipment