CIMC Pteris, a global leader in logistics solutions, is committed to revolutionizing the industry by providing efficient and reliable systems. With a focus on enhancing logistics efficiency,we offer a range of solutions that optimize supplier management and logistics software. This article explores the selected supplier system implemented by CIMC Pteris and introduces our innovative logistics software, CIMC DELi Logistics System.

Selected Supplier System


At CIMC Pteris, supplier management is a key aspect of ensuring the highest quality standards. The company implements a systematic approach to supplier selection and evaluation. By establishing stringent evaluation criteria,we set the foundation for partnering with high-quality suppliers. Through this process, we aim to build strong relationships and ensure stable and reliable quality in their logistics solutions.


To maintain quality control, CIMC Pteris has strict inspection procedures in place. These procedures involve comprehensive checks at various stages of the production process. By adhering to rigorous quality control standards, CIMC Pteris guarantees that our logistics solutions meet the highest industry benchmarks.




CIMC Pteris introduces their cutting-edge logistics management software, CIMC DELi Logistics System. This software is designed to streamline logistics operations, improve efficiency, and provide real-time visibility into supply chain processes. With independent intellectual property rights, CIMC DELi Logistics System offers numerous advantages for seamless logistics management.


The software features an intuitive and convenient system operation that simplifies complex logistics tasks. Users can navigate through the system effortlessly, minimizing the time spent on training and ensuring smooth adoption. Additionally, CIMC DELi Logistics System supports parametric configuration, allowing customization to meet specific business requirements. This flexibility enables companies to adapt the software to unique logistics workflows.


Another significant advantage of CIMC DELi Logistics System is its ability to manage multiple warehouses. With multi-warehouse management capabilities, businesses can efficiently oversee inventory, track shipments, and optimize storage and distribution processes. This feature enhances operational efficiency, reduces errors, and improves overall logistics performance.




CIMC Pteris is dedicated to enhancing logistics efficiency through their selected supplier system and innovative software solutions. By implementing systematic management for supplier selection and evaluation, CIMC Pteris ensures stable and reliable quality in their logistics offerings. The CIMC DELi Logistics System further optimizes logistics operations with its intuitive operation, parametric configuration, and multi-warehouse management capabilities. As a trusted provider of logistics solutions,we continue to empower businesses with efficient and reliable systems to meet their unique logistics needs.