Express Delivery Speeds Up Your Last Mile


The Problem of the “Last Mile” in the Logistics Industry

The last mile is a challenging part of the delivery process. This stage is where it is transported from the transportation hub to the final destination, usually a residence or business. The last mile is usually the most costly and time-consuming part of the delivery process. Optimization of it can be difficult because of the many variables involved, such as the distance to the final destination, traffic, and the recipient’s availability. However, express delivery has emerged as a solution to these challenges, making the last mile more efficient and effective.

Logistics equipment and technology companies try to make the last mile more efficient and effective. Sometimes, it is seen that the products coming from another country within the hours have lost a lot of time in the last mile. Express delivery system integration solutions definitely reduce costs and accelerate delivery in the last mile.


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What is Express Delivery?

Express delivery service is usually used for time-sensitive deliveries, where the goods must be delivered quickly. Express delivery often uses air transportation, allowing the goods to be rapidly transported across long distances. In express delivery, all processes are based on complete and semi-automation. The customer has incurred the extra cost for fast delivery and expects their products to be delivered on time. 

With the emergence of B2B and B2C providers, shipping companies, airport terminals, customs and warehouses are all part of the supply chain. The winners of this race will be those who invest in express technology.


The Pros and Cons of Express Delivery

Express delivery is a complex delivery integration to reduce fulfillment time and costs, and speed up the last mile process. Naturally, the advantages of the application of express delivery for the end user are significant.

  1. Reduced Risks of Damage to Goods: Express services usually have specialized packaging and handling processes that minimize the risk of damage to goods during transportation. Express goods should be carried by plane with cardboard parcels and waterproof plastic packaging. Thanks to these standards, Express delivery is always more efficient and safe.
  2. Guaranteed Delivery Time: Express delivery services guarantee that goods will be delivered within a specified timeframe, which is often critical for time-sensitive deliveries. 
  3. Retain Customers: Customers are likelier to choose a company that offers express delivery services, as it provides a sense of reliability and urgency.

However, all benefits come with a cost. Express services are usually more expensive than standard delivery services, making them less accessible for some customers. However, this problem can be partially overcome with price segmentation. Express parcel delivery can be divided into several price segments for less time-sensitive customers.


Pterisglobal Express Delivery Integration Service

For companies looking to integrate express delivery services into their logistics processes, Pterisglobal offers a comprehensive express delivery system integration service. This service includes loading and unloading systems, conveying systems, single-room separation systems, security check systems, weighing and identification systems, and sorting systems. Pterisglobal’s advanced technology and innovative solutions can help companies improve the efficiency and reliability of their logistics processes.


Fast Courier Integration Services at Pterisglobal

Pterisglobal’s express delivery system integration service has helped numerous companies streamline their logistics processes and improve delivery times. By partnering with Pterisglobal, businesses can offer their customers faster and more reliable delivery services.

Courier integration is not the only solution to reduce fulfillment times and costs; It definitely leads to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.



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Pterisglobal is the leader in logistics technology solutions and logistics management systems. Their innovative solutions provide state-of-the-art solutions for companies in various industries, from the inbound, unloading, receiving, scanning, and X-ray machine security sorting to outbound fast loading of goods, etc. The company is renowned for delivering high-quality products and services tailored to each customer’s needs. 

Pterisglobal’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction has made it a trusted partner for businesses worldwide. Pterisglobal’s customers can use its expertise and advanced technology to improve their logistics processes and gain a competitive edge in their industry.