At CIMC Pteris, we specialize in providing cutting-edge sorting solutions for various industries. Our high-speed steerable wheel sorter is a revolutionary technology that significantly improves efficiency and accuracy in logistics and warehousing operations. In this article, we will explore the features, application methods, and benefits of our high-speed steerable wheel sorter, highlighting its wide range of applications in different sectors.

Features of High-Speed Steerable Wheel Sorter


Our high-speed steerable wheel sorter boasts several key features that make it a superior choice for efficient item sorting:


  1. High-Speed Operation and Fast Processing


With our high-speed steerable wheel sorter, you can experience rapid item sorting. Its advanced design allows for quick processing, ensuring that items are sorted promptly, reducing handling time, and optimizing operational efficiency.


  1. High Accuracy in Item Sorting and Placement


Precision is crucial in logistics and warehousing. Our high-speed steerable wheel sorter is engineered to deliver exceptional accuracy in item sorting and placement. It ensures that each item is precisely directed to its designated output position, minimizing errors and streamlining the sorting process.


  1. Wide Range of Applications


The versatility of our high-speed steerable wheel sorter is unmatched. It can handle items of various shapes and sizes, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. Whether you’re dealing with small packages, irregularly shaped items, or large parcels, our sorter can efficiently accommodate them all.


Application Method of High-Speed Steerable Wheel Sorter


The application method of our high-speed steerable wheel sorter involves two essential components:


  1. Electric Drum for Conveying Power


The electric drum plays a crucial role in providing the necessary conveying power for the sorting process. It ensures smooth and efficient movement of items along the sorting line, contributing to the overall effectiveness and speed of the sorting operation.


  1. Servo Motor-Driven Link Mechanism for Steering Power


Our high-speed steerable wheel sorter utilizes a servo motor-driven link mechanism to provide precise steering power. This mechanism allows for a steering angle range of 0~60°, ensuring the accurate redirection of items to their designated output positions. The servo motor drives the link mechanism, which, in turn, drives the electric drum to rotate at the required angle, enabling seamless left and right sorting of packages.


Benefits and Applications


The benefits of our high-speed steerable wheel sorter extend beyond efficient item sorting. Here are some key advantages and applications:


  1. Improved Efficiency in Logistics and Warehousing Sector


By implementing our high-speed steerable wheel sorter, logistics and warehousing operations can experience a significant boost in efficiency. The sorter’s high-speed operation, combined with its precise sorting capabilities, enables faster processing times, reducing bottlenecks and enhancing overall productivity.


  1. Autonomous Directional Control for Increased Flexibility


Our high-speed steerable wheel sorter features an autonomous directional control system. This innovative design allows for autonomous steering and redirection of items, providing increased flexibility in handling various types of packages. The sorter adapts to changing sorting requirements, ensuring optimal performance and adaptability in dynamic operational environments.


  1. Diverse Application Areas


The applications of our high-speed steerable wheel sorter are vast and diverse. It finds extensive usage in logistics and warehousing, including e-commerce and express delivery sectors, where efficient item classification and sorting are paramount. Additionally, it proves invaluable in airport baggage sorting systems, enhancing baggage handling efficiency and accuracy. Furthermore, our sorter can be applied in a multitude of other scenarios where precise item sorting is required, providing a versatile solution for diverse industries.




CIMC Pteris’ high-speed steerable wheel sorter revolutionizes the efficiency and accuracy of item sorting in logistics and warehousing. With its high-speed operation, exceptional accuracy, and wide range of applications, our sorter empowers businesses to streamline their operations, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction. Experience the unparalleled performance of our high-speed steerable wheel sorter and elevate your sorting capabilities to new heights. Trust CIMC Pteris for all your sorting needs.