CIMC Pteris, a leading provider of innovative logistics solutions, has introduced the high-speed steerable wheel sorter, transforming the field of package sorting. In this article, we will explore the technical aspects of this cutting-edge technology and highlight its applications across various industries.

Technical Specifications of High-Speed Steerable Wheel Sorter


The high-speed steerable wheel sorter boasts several remarkable features that enhance its efficiency and performance. At the heart of this system lies the electric drum, which serves as the powerhouse for conveying power within the sorter. By utilizing advanced technology, CIMC Pteris ensures seamless and reliable package transportation.


To achieve precise package sorting, the high-speed steerable wheel sorter employs a servo motor. This motor plays a crucial role in steering power, allowing for accurate positioning and quick response times. With a steering angle range of 0~60°, the sorter can effortlessly redirect packages to their designated destinations, minimizing errors and optimizing productivity.


The servo motor drives a sophisticated link mechanism that rotates the electric drum, facilitating both left and right package sorting. This intelligent arrangement guarantees smooth and gentle handling of packages, reducing the risk of damage during the sorting process.


Applications of High-Speed Steerable Wheel Sorter


The versatility of the high-speed steerable wheel sorter makes it indispensable in various industries. In logistics and warehousing, this technology streamlines the sorting process, enabling faster and more efficient operations. E-commerce and express delivery logistics greatly benefit from the sorter’s ability to handle high package volumes with precision and accuracy.


Moreover, CIMC Pteris envisions broader applications for the high-speed steerable wheel sorter. The technology holds immense potential in airport baggage sorting systems, where the need for flawless and prompt baggage handling is paramount. By incorporating this sorter, airports can enhance their baggage management systems, ensuring a seamless travel experience for passengers.


Additionally, the high-speed steerable wheel sorter can be implemented in other areas such as manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and retail distribution centers. Its adaptability and reliability make it an invaluable asset in optimizing supply chain operations across diverse industries.




In summary, CIMC Pteris has achieved a remarkable milestone with the development of the high-speed steerable wheel sorter. Its technical specifications, including the electric drum and servo motor, showcase our commitment to innovation and efficiency. The sorter’s wide range of applications, spanning logistics, e-commerce, airports, and more, highlights its transformative impact on various industries. As CIMC Pteris continues to push the boundaries of logistics technology, the high-speed steerable wheel sorter stands as a testament to our dedication to delivering cutting-edge solutions.