Efficiency and safety are paramount in the world of cargo handling. As companies strive to streamline their operations and ensure the smooth flow of goods, CIMC Pteris offers innovative solutions that enhance efficiency and safety in cargo handling. With its state-of-the-art ETV cargo solutions, CIMC Pteris revolutionizes the way cargo is moved and transported.

Advanced Application Methods for Efficient Cargo Handling


CIMC Pteris utilizes advanced application methods to optimize cargo handling processes, improving efficiency and reducing operational costs. Some of the key features of their ETV cargo solutions include:


ETV Technology: CIMC Pteris’ ETVs are equipped with four-wheel drive and dual motor vertical lift technology. This advanced technology enables smooth and precise cargo handling, allowing for efficient movement and positioning of goods. Whether it’s loading, unloading, or transferring cargo, the ETV technology ensures seamless operations and minimizes downtime.


Friction Extraction Drive: CIMC Pteris’ ETVs employ a friction extraction drive system, which utilizes multiple friction wheels to enhance cargo handling capabilities. This system provides excellent traction and control, allowing for effective movement even in challenging environments. With the friction extraction drive, businesses can handle various types of cargo with ease, ensuring efficient operations and minimizing the risk of damage.


Ensuring Safety and Compliance with Certified Solutions


Safety and compliance are of utmost importance in cargo handling operations. CIMC Pteris understands this and ensures that all its solutions meet the highest standards of safety and regulatory compliance. Some of the certifications held by CIMC Pteris include:


EU Steel Structure Building Welding Qualification Certification: CIMC Pteris holds this certification, demonstrating its commitment to quality and safety in welding practices. This qualification ensures that all welding processes adhere to strict standards, resulting in structurally sound and reliable cargo handling equipment. Customers can trust CIMC Pteris’ solutions to handle their valuable cargo safely and securely.


TUV Certification and Special Equipment Manufacturing License: CIMC Pteris complies with the stringent requirements set forth by TUV, a renowned certification body. This certification ensures that CIMC Pteris’ equipment meets all regulatory standards for installation, alteration, and maintenance. By adhering to these requirements, CIMC Pteris ensures the safety and reliability of their cargo handling solutions.




Efficiency and safety are at the core of CIMC Pteris’ ETV cargo solutions. With advanced application methods such as ETV technology and friction extraction drive, we revolutionize cargo handling processes, enabling businesses to optimize their operations and enhance productivity. Furthermore, our commitment to safety and compliance is evident through its certified solutions, including EU Steel Structure Building Welding Qualification Certification and TUV Certification. By choosing CIMC Pteris’ ETV cargo solutions, businesses can achieve seamless cargo handling, ensuring the efficient and secure movement of goods. Embrace CIMC Pteris’ innovative solutions and unlock new levels of efficiency and safety in your cargo handling operations.