CIMC Pteris offers innovative e commerce logistics solutions that optimize your operations from start to finish. Our advanced handling system ensures synchronized transportation and sorting of items, reducing manual handling and streamlining your processes.

Application Method: Synchronized Transportation and Sorting


With our handling system, items are transported to the sorting host through manual feeding, and our automatic barcode scanning technology accurately identifies each item. The system seamlessly interacts with the Warehouse Control System (WCS) information, determining the sorting destination with precision.


Advantages of the Handling System

Enhanced Efficiency: By automating the transportation and sorting processes, our handling system improves efficiency, reducing the time and effort required for manual handling.

Barcode Scanning Accuracy: Our advanced barcode scanning technology ensures accurate identification of items, minimizing errors in sorting and enhancing the overall accuracy of your logistics operations.

Seamless Integration: The handling system seamlessly integrates with the WCS information, optimizing sorting and directing items to their designated chutes or slots. This integration streamlines your processes and ensures smooth and efficient operations.


Optimal E-commerce Logistics with Pneumatic Sorting Machine


CIMC Pteris’ pneumatic sorting machine is a key component of our comprehensive e-commerce logistics solution. This advanced technology enables swift and precise sorting, enhancing your operational efficiency.


Application Method: Swift and Precise Sorting

Our pneumatic sorting machine transports items to their designated chutes or slots based on the barcode information obtained through the scanning device. By interacting with the WCS information, the machine accurately determines the sorting destination, ensuring efficient and accurate item allocation.


Advantages of the Pneumatic Sorting Machine

Swift Sorting Process: The pneumatic system enables rapid and efficient sorting, reducing processing time and increasing overall productivity. This translates to faster order fulfillment and improved customer satisfaction.

Precise Destination Allocation: With our advanced barcode scanning technology and interaction with the WCS information, the pneumatic sorting machine ensures precise sorting and allocation of items. This eliminates errors and reduces the risk of misdelivery.

Seamless Integration: CIMC Pteris’ pneumatic sorting machine seamlessly integrates with our handling system, creating a comprehensive e-commerce logistics solution. This integration enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of your logistics operations.




With our innovative e-commerce logistics solutions, including our efficient handling system and advanced pneumatic sorting machine, CIMC Pteris empowers businesses to streamline their operations and achieve optimal efficiency. Trust us to enhance your e-commerce logistics and deliver exceptional results. Contact us today to learn more about our solutions and how we can support your business.