Companies in the fast-paced world of storage and logistics are continuously looking for ways to increase efficiency and overall effectiveness. Leading producer of warehouse automation solutions, CIMC Pteris, offers cutting-edge technology that are transforming the industry. This article will look at the benefits of CIMC Pteris‘ Automated Stacker, a crucial component of the warehouse automation solutions, and how it can be used in a variety of industries.

Automated Stacker for Warehousing Operations


The Automated Stacker, developed by CIMC Pteris, is a powerful tool for optimizing warehouse operations. It operates by running along the track in the roadway of a high-rise shelf warehouse, seamlessly accessing unit goods and efficiently completing in-out operations. The Automated Stacker offers several advantages that significantly enhance efficiency and performance.


Improved efficiency and accuracy: By automating the loading and unloading processes, the Automated Stacker enables faster and more precise handling of goods. This automation eliminates the time-consuming manual tasks, reducing errors and improving overall efficiency.


Increased capacity: With its high loading capacity and stacking height, the Automated Stacker can handle a large volume of goods. This capability maximizes storage space utilization, allowing warehouses to accommodate more inventory and streamline their operations.


Versatile application: The Automated Stacker is designed to adapt to various types of warehouses. Whether it’s a distribution center, e-commerce warehouse, or manufacturing facility, the Automated Stacker can efficiently handle different types of goods, including raw materials, finished products, and more.


User-friendly operation: CIMC Pteris prioritizes ease of operation with the Automated Stacker. Through autonomous control and automation, the device is user-friendly and easy to operate. It reduces the need for extensive manual intervention, making warehouse operations more efficient.


Warehouse Automation Solutions in Various Industries


CIMC Pteris’ warehouse automation solutions, including the Automated Stacker, have extensive applications across different industries, delivering enhanced efficiency and performance.


Warehouses: In warehouses, automation solutions optimize the handling and storage of goods. The Automated Stacker improves overall operational efficiency by streamlining processes, reducing errors, and optimizing space utilization. It enables warehouses to meet the demands of growing e-commerce and logistics industries.


Factories: Automation plays a crucial role in factories by streamlining material handling and storage processes. CIMC Pteris’ Automated Stacker ensures the smooth flow of raw materials, semi-finished, and finished products. It minimizes bottlenecks, reduces downtime, and enhances production efficiency and quality.


Ports: Ports face unique challenges in handling large volumes of containers and goods. Warehouse automation solutions, such as the Automated Stacker, enhance container stacking and logistics transportation. By improving throughput and reducing turnaround time, CIMC Pteris helps ports streamline operations and enhance productivity.




In summary, our warehouse automation solutions, including the Automated Stacker, are essential for enhancing efficiency and performance in the logistics industry. With  our ability to improve efficiency, increase capacity, adapt to various warehouse types, and offer user-friendly operation, these solutions play a vital role in driving productivity and optimizing the logistics supply chain. CIMC Pteris continues to innovate and provide cutting-edge warehouse automation solutions, enabling businesses to thrive in the competitive market.