Transform Your Logistics with Pteris Global’s Innovative Solutions and Services


The logistics industry has grown significantly in the last few years. According to recent statistics, logistics costs increased to around $9 trillion in 2020[1]. This brings up a need to measure the value of logistics and find a logistics solution that can save on these costs. 


In terms of logistics, it is crucial to select the appropriate supplier to ensure that you can meet the demands of your clients. Pteris Global has been offering a wide range of solutions to assist in streamlining logistic processes in different areas. From the integration of physical logistics systems to setting up a range of software solutions, learn more about how Pteris’s logistics solution can help your business. 


Products and Solutions

Pteris Global has the ability to offer a large range of solutions when it comes to logistics. Now, let’s delve into some of the products and solutions that you can gain access to:


  • Logistics automation solutions can help to streamline numerous processes within your business. 
  • Airport logistics solutions that make it easier to ensure goods can be delivered on time. 
  • Express delivery logistic solutions help to ensure shipments that have a short delivery time do not experience delays. 


Pteris Global also has the ability to provide assistance with e-commerce logistics, as well as various digital solutions. These solutions go beyond the standard conveyor systems and other hardware required in physical scenarios but also ensure the company is able to deliver on the digital requirements that clients might have. 


Customer Success Stories

On the 25th of September, 2021, Pteris Global commenced a project for a client in Wuhan, China. It was in the express industry, developing a conveying line that measured 6.65km and 22 automatic lines in the logistics solution. 


The entire project was delivered in March 2022. The system had the capacity to process 55,000 medium-sized items per hour and 40,000 small items per hour. The steel frame structure measured 14,000 sqm. 


Another project was completed for a client in the United States within the e-commerce sector. The integrated solution allowed the client to process 69 large pallets per hour, as well as 213 small pallets per hour. 


Technology and Innovation


Pteris Global is committed to staying up to date with the latest technological advancements and continues to research ways to offer a logistics solution that drives greater efficacy. 


Technology plays an important part in the logistics business, and many new advancements are made on a regular basis. Pteris Global consistently incorporates state-of-the-art technologies and ensures that all staff members stay updated with the latest innovations embraced by the company.


Customer Service and Support

Customer support is something that Pteris Global takes seriously. Both pre-sale and after-sale support are factors that customers can rely on when they decide to use this company’s logistics solution options for their needs. 

It is not only the customer service and after-sales support that makes the company stand out in terms of ensuring clients are able to use the system that was provided to them effectively. The company also offers training solutions that can be used to ensure all staff members who will be involved in the new logistic system. 


Additionally, the company ensures that the client is continuously informed about the progress of the project. This allows for early feedback to be obtained – essentially ensuring potential misunderstandings and problems can be effectively avoided. 


Corporate Social Responsibility 

Apart from delivering highly efficient and top-quality services to clients, Pteris Global also ensures it keeps the environment and its own social responsibility into account. At Pteris Global, there is a consistent strive to improve the sustainability of any logistics solutions implemented by the company. 


This essentially helps to reduce the impact that these logistics systems have on the environment. 



Since 1979, Pteris Global has been delivering high-quality options to those who are looking for an effective logistics solution. As a logistics service company, Pteris Global offers solutions that can cater to the logistics requirements of different businesses, including those in e-commerce. Reach out to learn more about logistics solutions and how Pteris Global can help your business.