Are you tired of inefficient and slow order fulfillment processes? Do you want to improve your warehouse’s productivity? Look no further than the cross-belt sorters of Pteris Global! These advanced technologies are revolutionizing the way businesses handle their orders. In this blog post, we’ll explore why cross-belt sorters are the future of efficient order fulfillment and how they can help take your operations to the next level. Get ready to learn about this game-changing technology and see why it’s here to stay!

Advantages of Using a Cross-Belt Sorter for Order Fulfillment

There are many advantages to using a cross-belt sorter for order fulfillment. Perhaps the most important advantage is that it is a very efficient way to sort orders. Cross-belt sorters can sort orders at a rate of up to 2,000 orders per hour. That is a significant increase in efficiency over traditional methods of order fulfillment, such as manual sorting or conveyor belt systems.

Another advantage of using a cross-belt sorter is that it can help reduce labor costs. Cross-belt sorters are automated, which means that they require less labor to operate than traditional methods of order fulfillment. This can lead to significant savings for businesses that use cross-belt sorters for their order fulfillment needs.

Cross-belt sorters are also very versatile. They can be used to sort a variety of different types of products, including small items, large items, and even irregularly shaped items. This makes them an ideal solution for businesses that need to fulfill orders for a wide range of different products.

The Cost Savings of Using a Cross-Belt Sorter

The cost savings of using a cross-belt sorter are numerous. For one, the labor costs associated with manual sorting are eliminated. Additionally, cross-belt sorters have a much higher capacity than traditional conveyor systems, meaning that fewer sorters are needed to process the same amount of product. This results in a lower overall investment cost for the company. Furthermore, cross-belt sorters have proven to be more reliable and efficient than their traditional counterparts, resulting in fewer delays and disruptions in the fulfillment process.


The implementation of cross-belt sorters has revolutionized the way that warehouses and order fulfillment centers operate. With their accuracy, speed, and efficiency, they can help companies save time and money while ensuring orders are filled accurately. Cross-belt sorters allow businesses to keep up with customer demand without increasing labor costs or sacrificing quality. These machines will continue to be the future of efficient order fulfillment as more businesses start to adopt them in their processes.