Application method: run along the track in the roadway of the high-rise shelf warehouse, access the unit goods to the cargo compartment, and complete the in-out operation.






Application Method:

 run along the track in the roadway of the high-rise shelf warehouse, access the unit goods to the cargo compartment, and complete the in-out operation.

Advantages of the Automated Stacker

  • The high degree of automation: Automated stackers can realize uncrewed automation operations, improving the efficiency and accuracy of loading and unloading goods.
  • Large loading capacity: Automated Stacker can handle many goods, usually with high loading capacity and stacking height.
  • Wide range of applications: Automated Stacker is suitable for various occasions, such as warehouses, factories, etc., and can stack multiple types of goods.
  • Easy operation: Automated Stacker is easy to operate and can be used autonomously through automatic control.

In conclusion, an Automated Stacker is a vital device to improve efficiency, accuracy, and safety in the warehousing and logistics industry with many advantages.

Application scenarios for Automated Stacker

  • Warehouses:Automated Stacker can help warehouses to handle and store goods efficiently, improving the circulation capacity and utilization of warehouses.
  • Factories:Automated Stacker automates storing and handling raw materials and semi-finished and finished products in factories, improving productivity and quality.
  • Ports: Automated Stacker can help ports to stack shipping containers and other transported goods efficiently, speeding up logistics transportation.

In short, Automated Stacker can help a variety of industries efficiently handle goods storage and handling, improve productivity and quality, reduce labor costs and the risk of industrial accidents, and is widely used in all parts of the logistics supply chain.


Ambient temperature

-40~-20℃                    -20~40℃

Running speed


Acceleration rate


Equipment height


Cargo weight


Warehouse Automation System Solutions

With the rapid development of the enterprise, the variety of products, and the accelerated turnover of material storage, the logistics and storage space of the enterprise is beginning to be tight. Therefore, various material storage projects have become an inevitable measure for enterprises to improve efficiency and core competitiveness. PGSL merged into the airport logistics sector of CIMC Group through reverse acquisition, integrated CIMC Group’s warehousing project resources and products, and provided customers with a package of logistics and warehousing solutions.

Home Industry

-Overcoming the difficulties of automatic sorting in the home industry, realizing automatic sorting and direct loading.

-Realizing the fully automatic connection between the 5 workshops and automated warehouses.

-Realizing the off-site loading of products with various specifications, such as sofas, mattresses, and panel furniture.

-WMS: Customized the link management between multiple warehouses and locations (five logistics centers and 35 subsidiary warehouses).


 East China Medicine

-Equipped with air shower system, automatic labeling system, automatic online weighing, automatic glue spraying system (to ensure the stability of the stacking type), automatic palletizing system.

-Automatic depalletizing and sorting of bagged raw materials and put them directly into the fermentation tank with review systems configured to ensure the accuracy of the materials).

-The AGV system is used to realize the distribution of raw and auxiliary materials to each station in the workshop and the recovery of empty pallets.

-Only 4 robots are used to realize the palletizing technology of 26 production lines at the same time (a palletizing buffer pool is built).

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