CIMC Pteris Global, a renowned logistics equipment supplier, is at the forefront of revolutionizing the industry. As the fastest delivery system integrators, our company is dedicated to engineering efficient and seamless logistics solutions.



Airport Logistics System


Benefiting from over 30 years of aviation equipment manufacturing experience, CIMC Pteris has developed an exceptional airport logistics system. Our independent development of the automatic baggage handling system ensures smooth operations and enhances passenger experience. By incorporating the latest global technologies, we provide cutting-edge solutions that optimize efficiency and reliability.


Express Delivery System Integration


CIMC Pteris Global excels in meeting the stringent requirements of the express delivery industry. Our integrated solutions address every stage of the delivery process. From inbound operations to unloading, receiving, and scanning, we streamline the entire workflow. Our systems also include X-ray machine security inspection, weighing, unpacking, sorting, packaging, and outbound fast loading, ensuring quick and secure deliveries.


  • commerce Logistics System


With our extensive experience in air express and domestic private express processing systems, CIMC Pteris is well-equipped to handle the complexities of e-commerce logistics. We have strategically acquired key facilities and centers in the Chinese market. These include FedEx Beijing Port, DHL Hong Kong Hub, TNT (East China, North China), SF (SF Express National Main Distribution Center), and YUNDA (Yunda North China, East China, South China). These acquisitions reinforce our commitment to providing efficient and reliable e-commerce logistics solutions.


Warehouse Automation System Solutions


CIMC Pteris Global understands the challenges of limited storage space and the need for efficient logistics. Our warehouse automation system solutions enable businesses to optimize their storage space utilization and accelerate material turnover. By integrating advanced technologies, we enhance overall efficiency and ensure seamless operations.


Digital Solutions for Manufacturing


We offer digital solutions that revolutionize the manufacturing process. With compressed and advanced manufacturing processes, CIMC Pteris helps businesses evaluate, inspect, and shorten production time. By improving product reliability and success rates, our digital solutions empower manufacturers to meet the demands of a competitive market.




CIMC Pteris Global is a trusted partner for logistics system integration. Our expertise in airport logistics, express delivery, e-commerce logistics, warehouse automation, and digital manufacturing solutions sets us apart. We are committed to customer satisfaction and achieving win-win outcomes. Choose CIMC Pteris for innovative logistics solutions that elevate your business to new heights. Contact our team today to discuss your logistics needs.