As a leading provider of integrated logistics solutions, CIMC Pteris offers the Dual Lane Shoe Sorter as an advanced tool to enhance productivity in warehousing and distribution operations. This innovative sorting solution enables businesses to quickly and accurately process large volumes of parcels and items, ultimately driving productivity gains.

The Advantages of the Dual Lane Shoe Sorter for Enhanced Productivity


The Dual Lane Shoe Sorter is a high-speed sorting system designed to increase productivity while ensuring accuracy and efficiency. With its unique sorting mechanism, it can handle up to 20,000 items per hour, reducing processing time and increasing throughput. This sorting system’s accuracy ensures that each item is placed in the appropriate location, resulting in fewer errors and reduced time spent on rework.


Moreover, the Dual Lane Shoe Sorter is energy-efficient, which contributes to increased productivity. Its design incorporates low-energy components, allowing for substantial energy savings while maintaining optimal performance. This feature ensures that businesses not only increase productivity but also reduce their carbon footprint and operating costs.


Industries Benefiting from the Dual Lane Shoe Sorter


The Dual Lane Shoe Sorter’s innovation extends to various industries, including logistics warehousing, e-commerce distribution centers, and airport baggage handling systems.


In logistics warehousing operations, the Dual Lane Shoe Sorter is an advanced technology that can efficiently handle a wide range of express parcels and goods. With its ability to quickly and accurately sort items, it significantly speeds up order fulfillment processes and enhances overall productivity. This technology is particularly beneficial for e-commerce distribution centers as it enables fast processing, sorting, and packing of orders, leading to a significant reduction in processing time and a notable improvement in overall productivity levels. By incorporating the Dual Lane Shoe Sorter, logistics companies and e-commerce businesses can effectively streamline their operations and meet the increasing demands of the market.


Airport baggage sorting systems also require efficient sorting solutions to handle the large volumes of luggage. The Dual Lane Shoe Sorter’s high-speed sorting capability enables smooth and efficient baggage handling, leading to productivity gains in airport operations.




CIMC Pteris’ Dual Lane Shoe Sorter is designed to drive productivity by offering high-speed sorting, accuracy, and energy efficiency. Its applications in logistics warehousing, e-commerce distribution, and airport baggage handling contribute to optimizing operations and achieving higher levels of productivity. As a leader in the integrated logistics industry,we continue to drive innovation in sorting technology, empowering businesses to achieve their productivity goals. With the Dual Lane Shoe Sorter, businesses can improve their efficiency, reduce processing time, and increase throughput, ultimately driving their success in the competitive market.