As a leader in the field of airport logistics solutions, CIMC Pteris is proud to offer integrated logistics baggage delivery solutions that revolutionize the way baggage is handled and transported. Our company understands the challenges faced by airports and logistics centers in managing the efficient movement of baggage, and we have developed cutting-edge technologies to address these challenges head-on. With our AGV, Flip Sorter, and ETV solutions, we provide a comprehensive suite of tools to enhance efficiency and streamline operations.

AGV: Enhancing Efficiency in Airport Logistics


At CIMC Pteris, we recognize the critical role that AGVs play in optimizing airport logistics. Our AGV solution enables round-trip transportation between multiple stations, ensuring seamless movement of baggage throughout the facility. The AGV’s advanced features and benefits make it an indispensable tool in baggage delivery. With precise navigation and robust lifting capabilities, our AGVs ensure the smooth and efficient transfer of baggage, reducing manual handling and improving overall operational efficiency.


The AGV’s application method is simple yet effective. Using the AGV’s lifting rod, it hooks the trolley and selects the station for transport. This enables the AGV to perform round-trip transportation between two or more stations, minimizing delays and streamlining the baggage delivery process. The AGV’s success can be seen through various case studies where our solution has been implemented in airport logistics, resulting in improved efficiency, reduced errors, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

ETV: Efficient Vertical Lift for Air Cargo Processing


When it comes to air cargo station processing, our ETV solution shines. With its four-wheel drive technology and friction extraction drive, the ETV offers unparalleled efficiency in vertical lifting. The ETV’s running mechanism and dual motor drive technology enable smooth and reliable vertical lifts, ensuring swift and precise movement of cargo. The use of multiple friction wheels further enhances the ETV’s extraction drive, optimizing performance and reducing downtime.


The advantages of integrating the ETV into air cargo station processing are numerous. It significantly improves operational efficiency, allowing for faster cargo logistics and reduced handling times. CIMC Pteris has successfully implemented the ETV in various air cargo terminals, with remarkable results. The ETV’s application method, coupled with its advanced features and benefits, has led to increased productivity, reduced costs, and improved customer satisfaction.




In conclusion, CIMC Pteris is at the forefront of integrated logistics baggage delivery solutions. Our AGV and ETV technologies have revolutionized the way baggage is handled and transported in airports and logistics centers worldwide. By incorporating our solutions into their operations, airports and logistics centers can maximize efficiency, reduce errors, and enhance customer satisfaction. Partner with CIMC Pteris today and experience the power of our integrated logistics baggage delivery solutions.