In the fast-paced world of e-commerce logistics, efficient sorting processes are essential to meet the demands of online shoppers. The CIMC Pteris‘s sortation system Pteris pneumatic sorting machine offers a cutting-edge solution that streamlines the sorting process, ensuring enhanced efficiency and accuracy.

To begin with, our sortation system pneumatic sorting machine employs an efficient application method that optimizes the sorting process. Items are synchronously transported to the sorting host through manual feeding, ensuring a seamless flow of packages. The barcode scanning device automatically scans each item, capturing vital barcode information. Interacting with the Warehouse Control System (WCS) information, the sortation system obtains the sorting destination for each package. Leveraging this data, the sorter transports and accurately sorts the items to their corresponding chutes or slots.


Specifications of the Pneumatic Sorting Machine


Our sortation system pneumatic sorting machine boasts impressive specifications that make it a powerful tool for e-commerce logistics. It accommodates a wide range of item sizes, with a maximum size of 400Lx400Wx400H and a minimum size of 50Lx50Wx10H. Its robust design allows it to handle items weighing between 10g and 10kg, ensuring versatility and adaptability to various inventory requirements.


The sortation system pneumatic sorting machine utilizes a powered roller drive mode, ensuring smooth and efficient transportation. With conveying speeds ranging from 0.5m/s to 1.2m/s, it offers flexibility to match the specific needs of different operations. The machine’s impressive efficiency allows it to process up to 3600 items per hour, based on a sorting speed of 1.8m/s. Additionally, the manual feeding method ensures reliable and consistent performance, while achieving a high feeding efficiency of over 3000 packages per hour.


Solutions Provided by the Pneumatic Sorting Machine


Implementing the CIMC sortation system Pteris pneumatic sorting machine provides several solutions that greatly benefit e-commerce logistics operations. Firstly, it streamlines the sorting processes, significantly reducing sorting time and increasing overall productivity. With its ability to accurately sort items based on barcode information and WCS data, the machine minimizes sorting errors and ensures packages reach their intended destinations swiftly and accurately.


Furthermore, our sortation system pneumatic sorting machine enhances efficiency and accuracy in package handling. By automating the sorting process and eliminating manual errors, it improves the overall quality of service provided to customers. With the machine’s high-speed sorting capability and reliable performance, e-commerce companies can meet strict delivery deadlines and provide an exceptional customer experience.


Lastly, the reliable manual feeding method and high feeding efficiency offered by the pneumatic sorting machine contribute to smooth and uninterrupted sorting operations. This ensures a seamless workflow, reducing delays and enhancing the overall efficiency of the logistics process.




In conclusion, the CIMC Pteris pneumatic sorting machine is a game-changer in the world of e-commerce logistics. With its efficient application method, impressive specifications, and comprehensive solutions, it significantly streamlines sorting processes, enhances efficiency and accuracy, and ensures reliable manual feeding. Implementing this innovative sortation system from CIMC Pteris will transform e-commerce logistics operations, allowing companies to meet the demands of the digital age and deliver exceptional service to their customers.